Independence Day Kolam

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About Independence Day Kolam:

Hi all, this is my small contribution for the Independence day and through this I would like to wish you all.

Dotted kolam
independence day
Rangoli: Independence Day Kolam


ammuchandhini's picture is nice to see ur rock floor after sometime padma...lovely kolam...u know even though d saffron and light green col which looks fabulous on d floor...we don't get d exact shade in comp...i too tried hard to avoid that red shade ...thats why i darkened d image too give a try to d same kolam by darkening a little bit and not changing any other setting...if u can get d same saffron and green col....and let me know if u can...

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soooooooooooo cute Padma.

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Thank you Bala and @RAni for the comment and suggestion. Let me try. Actually I didnt had the exact shades at home. But still I just wanted to do this.

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Beautiful kolam Padma. Thanks for ur wishes and wish u the same.


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very nice design

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Oh is it so..then its ok..i thought eventhough u used d saffron and green col u didn't get d exact shade....nevermind...don't spend time on this again...hehe...u can try another beautiful kolam for us...

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wow... very nice kolam the colors are brightful adn superb....

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Thank you Maha, Nitya,Uma and Julien for your lovely comments.

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wow fantastic kolam!-suguna murugesan

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Wow Padma, this simple kolam is made to look so grand and beautiful with the lovely choice of colors and ur decoration. Good one dear.

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Very nice and pretty kolam Padma...missed your kolams with your dark kaavi on this surface for a long time...glad that you did one on this...thanks for your wishes too.

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lovely kolam dear

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Thank you Suges, Pushpa and Soumi.

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Thank you Doctor.

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small & beautiful....thanks for the wishes

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Belated Happy Independence Day Padma.. Lovely small kolam
-seetha suresh

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Thank you Anirudh and seetha.