hridayakamalam - 2

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I am demonstrating the method of drawing a simple hridayakamalam without dots.
The figure is self-explanatory. Comments for improvement are welcome.

Regards ! - mOhana


All the best are yours, all the worst are mine
The beauty is yours, but the ugliness is mine
My talk is empty, my music is discordant
my song is thoughtless, my art is ordinary
my logic is twisted, my arguments are repetitive
I am at war with myself and I make new enemies
I long for beauty and peace
but my heart is ugly, unfit and stormy
It is certainly not a lotus
and it may not be even a heart


Rangoli: hridayakamalam - 2


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Nice to see another variation of a hk mOhanaji.

About the poem (I don't know much about poems, but), some verses, or meanings of it has nothing to do with mOhanaji that we know of! Smile

I mean, I'm not sure if Mr.JKMRao is the poet in this case? Smile

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Like Lata I also feel this poem is not written by mOhanaji.
Hridhayakamalam eppadi pottaalum azhagu dhaan! Onga karpanaikku ellaai Eedhu?