hridaya kamalam kolam

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Hridaya kamalam kolam we put in puja room. it is one pulli in middle. the on all four sides u put five pilli each and in between two sides put one more row 5 pulli. so there will be eight 5 pulli each on all sides. then starting from 1st pulli near the centre 3rd pulli in the next row 5th pulli in the next then 2nd pulli and 4th in the next row to 1st in the next like that the kolam continues. then in all the eight sides u write hridaya kamalam in tamil. devi special kolam.

Dotted kolam
Hrudhaya kamalam
Rangoli: hridaya kamalam kolam


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very nice kolam,waiting to moe of ur creations alameluji.

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thank u lakshmi raghu for giving your comments

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maakolam is always beautiful...

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thank u jude ji for ur valuable comments

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Alamelu please feel free to call me Judy Smile

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you have decorated your pooja room with nice Hrudhayakamalam kolam, shanku , chkram, and Sriramajayam.The detailed explanation to draw the kolam will help others to draw this wonderful kolam. Pl. see the visual drawing given by me .

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yes rajamma thank u for the comments

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Bright maa kolam... ma'am...............

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thank u indira