How about some ice-cream cone ?

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About How about some ice-cream cone ?:

Anyone care to join me for some cone ice cream? I am sure no one can resist this one!

ice cream
Rangoli: How about some ice-cream cone ?


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Judy ... yes wait wait .. let me get some hand napkins, you just reminded me thanks.

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Thanks for the lipsmacking icecream.Summer has really caught up chennai

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I am a fan of your computer creations JudyjI. Even though I am not in the habit
of saying so every time, please be assured there are people who appreciate your art.
These icecream cones reminded me of one I saw at another place (cauliflower on
carrot!). For those who are interested in vegetable art, please visit

Regards! - mOhana

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JKM you made my day today.... and thanks Sumathi and Lakshmiraghu