Hexagons arranged a squares

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I remember to have uploaded this. Somehow it vanished (either in my brains or in the blackholes of cyber world). Any way, I am sending it again. The predominant symmetry is four-fold and the motif has six-fold symmetry. As usual, enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Hexagons arranged a squares


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Nice hexagon patterns arranged in three different ways jkm sir...also d round ring type design is too good....

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very nice designs.....

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All the designs and the arrangements are good. It remembers me the group of stars/Galaxies.

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All designs are very good.But I like pink very much.

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Wow such colorful lovely patterns JMK sir, so glad u could do it for us once again.

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Lovely different designs with good colour combination

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different one..looks like stars in the sky.........

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Beautiful Hexagon designs with different colours Sir.

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magic maze design...keep staring, each one will keep changing Smile

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Very nice design.


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Nice Design.

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Wow - pretty designs and prettier colours JKM Smile