Hexagonal "yantras"

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When I read the comment of gauriji and looked at latAji's drawing
it occurred to me that I must study the building of this carefully and the result is
this rangOli. I have given six drawings here. They have one, two, three, four
(at the top), five and six dots (bottom pictures) at the edges. The number of
independent lines is equal to the number of dots for even number of dots and equal to
the number of dots plus one for odd number of dots. Two colours for the first two,
four for the second two and six for the bottom pictures. I used different colours
to distinguish these. You may also note that three rows at 120 degrees have
missing lines in the centre. Now you know how to draw these for any number of
dots. You can put any magic charm in the centre and earn puNya and wealth Smile
None for this pApi Wink

(The purple and blue don't show that well in the bottom picture. The purple is
thinner than the blue and connect the top dots.)

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Hexagonal "yantras"


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We calling it as Iswaryakolam.
No doubt that I am a puniavathi

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mOhanaji, i think without knowing the details I drew the zero kolam sometime back in this pattern.

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True rAjammAjI, the only difference is in the above three rows at 120
degrees are left as such. In your rangOli, you joined these too.

Regards! - mOhana

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nice design but very easy to draw

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mOhanaji nicely presented....it is good and usefull for all of us.