Heritage lace tablecloth

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Have drawn this free hand rangoli in front my house on the occasion of IKOLAM CHENNAI MEMBERS MEET DAY-28/03/2009.

Rangoli: Heritage lace tablecloth


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Vani please ,make it any other day let me know before ur comming in iw ill draw it for u.Y'day every body talking about u and ur rangolis.thank u vani.

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finally we had a live visual treat at Lakshmi's house yesterday - (i think she must be using one kg kolapodi everyday hehe) you must see it to believe it.... Laksmhi i am happy to say i am your friend...

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thanks for your comments.... I am also happy to have a talkative friend like you, belive all members comments / appreciations/ suggestions... increases my kolapodi everyday for new designs.

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Beautiful is not the word to describe it. It is much above that. Keep trying new patterns.

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thanks sjnt...

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excellent n fantastic.i just cannot describe it.will u teach me draw such thimgs?

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thank you so much Bhuvaneshwari, yes your are welcome lets share it.

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Fantastic rangoli.How many hours took to finish this?

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Suganthy, thanks just took 2 hours only.

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ur rangoli is simply superb and i can feel the pain and effort taken by u. and can feel how much happiness u might have felt after finishing this kolam.

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Vasanthiji, thanks you said it rightly, I was happy once its done.

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wow. what a beautiful artwork mrs.lakshmi raghu. wonderfull. excellent. marvelous. superb.. fantastic.wonderfull hardwork. great. how many hours u have taken to complete this. how early u got up to do such a nice thing to welcome our friends for the meet.looks like a table mat. how was the meet.

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Wow!wow! heartful of thanks Preethi, I got up around 3.30 a.m. that day, once done this rangoli, I was also happy to see this, it took about 2 hours, yes meeting was good lot of exchanges , waiting for write up / photos shortly in the site, belive in the meeting you name also was on the table appreciating your Rangolis.

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wow it's wonderful! i really don't know how you will have the heart to wash it off atleast afer 2 - 3 days. what a shame we have no way of preserving them!!

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Hello Jayanthiji.. thanks, note 2 /3 days. its washed off everyday in the morning, this makes me to draw / create new rangolis.... Nono ji , we are preseving in IKOLAM BANK .. Lata is our BANKER...

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Daily, two hours you are spending, great madam!

Iam saving all your kolams in my favourite, but now iam not able to see those kolams whatever i saved in that, what i have to do now? What i have to do to see all the saved kolams? Please help me

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Nitya thank u veyr much.please view the blog...we need to wait for few days as they are working on it.