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Hi, special rangoli drawn for " SRI GOKULASHTAMI" in front of my house today(as we are celebrating today that is 13/8/09).this is doted rangoli (9X1 staright dots) and free hand finishing done.




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Beautiful kolam ,Iam wordless,speechless etc etc.The design of peacock feathers is very apt for the day

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Very very beautiful.

The peacock that gave the feather adorning his crown is blessed
The bamboo that gave the flute adorning his lips is blessed
The silk moth that made the clothes he wears is blessed
The sandalwood that added the sweet scent to his body is blessed

and so is Lakshmi Smile

On another note, the pot just to the right of the top with almost circular pattern seems to be blessed too. That is so beautiful it deserves a photograph by itself!

Regards! - mOhana

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Lakshmiji, Its very very very Beautiful...... so very mismerizing, making us to look for words to describe its beauty..... even if we find some, I am sure those wont be enough.... Good thought, Great work....

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This kolam with peacock feather will surely bring Krishna to ur home. Am sure your Thulsi also delighted to see this.We too are blessed to see this.
As mOhanaji said the circular plant leave at the top also dancing in gay.

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The peococks are dancing between greeneries!

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Fantastic Lakshmiji. No words to describe the beauty of the Kolam. Romba nanna iruku.

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lakshmi beautyful rangoli... yester day i missed to see in live....

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Wow, adbhuta...navilugaLella Krishnanige swagathavannu koruthaa narthisuththive (all peacocks dancing to welcome Lord Krishna)...Janmastamiya ShubhaashayagaLu.

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Wow.. beautiful, wonderful, pls someone give me adjectives to describe this... i guess there are too many... really wonderful job... your kolams are really so so good... very artistic... you need a lot of patience to do such a wonderful job.. keep up the good work

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Lakshmiji thumba thumba chennagidhe, nange words siguthilla varnisalu...
Kanditha Krishna nimma rangolighagi nimma manege baruthare..

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its simply suberb... and d leaves in d top of ur photo also seems like a concentric peacock feathers bunch ready to welcome shri krishna into ur house

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Thank u all for encouragements and sweet comments.

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your creative thoughts at its epitome,wonderful mam!a simpple pulli kolam being translated to a rangoli full of dancing peacocks!really superb.

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Deepa thanks a lot