Happy New Year!

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Dear friend:

Happy New Year to you and to all your
near and dear ones.

Some explanations for this year's card: As you know,
I am nowadays trying to explore the beauty of
letters using symmetry in all languages.

Top left: HOPE (and its mirror image). Hope is
sometimes a mirror image. Is it not?

Top right: JOY. Incidentally an extra curve is
created to y by adding deftly the letter c.

Bottom left: Obvious (PEACE)

Bottom right: LOVE. In place of O, a round
candle is placed.

In the center is the most difficult assignment
DEMON => ANGEL. Still not satisfied.

But for the message, if you hold the card upside
down, the design will not change!

Have a prosperous new year! - mOhana

Rangoli: Happy New Year!


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This is an extraordinary new year card for sure mOhanaji! Let me know if you're interested in showcasing each image individually also, for clarity's sake.

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Mee muggulu cahala bhagunnayandi.mee uuhalu chalaa chala bagunnayandi.nuuthana samvatchara subhakanshalandi.

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Your LOVE and PEACE kolams and new year wish Poem are very very nice. Thank you. (By the way Lakshmi I have started learning Telugu by reading your comments)

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