Happy Diwali Kolam - 2

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i wish all the friends of Ikolam and their family members a very happy Deepavali.

Rangoli: Happy Diwali Kolam - 2


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'had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming !!!
The combination of colors used is simply wonderful !! arrangement of diyas beneath the drawn ones gives perfect reflection of light ! looks beautiful !
Hats off Mam' :):)

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Brindha mam,

I'm speechless. Such a wonderful rangoli for Diwali. Looking great with diyas.


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Really super Brindaji. How much time did you take to create this rangoli. Colour combination, lighting effect make the rangoli all the more beautiful. You could have won prize for this had you sent it for competition. Excellent work.

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Regards! - mOhana

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Such rich colors evenly spread, and amazingly pretty strokes! But then again, this is Brenda we're talking about here, so could we expect any less? Smile

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very very pretty.

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Wonderful kolam. The colours, the pattern, all are excellent.

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Kameshwari unfortunately because of the rules she cannot take part in the competition because she has already won a prize you see Smile Brindha I just don't know what to say. The entire kolam looks so heavenly. The definite shape of each and every design, so lovingly done by your creative mind and hand needs a very big applause. The colours look perfect even in the dark (wonder how it would have looked in the day??). The lamp design on the outer circle is superb. I love the way the big lamps are holding the tiny lamps in their arms - they look so cozy there Smile Epitome of perfection Brindha dear. I just want to go on and on, but seriously, am lost for more words Smile

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Looking at it again - I think you should have placed the real lamps in the flame of the kolam lamp thereby giving the feel of that the kolam lamps are lit up.

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Wonderful Brindhaji.... i cannot take off my eyes from it...
How beautiful it is!!! I love it very much...-Indira Sundar

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Deepam kolam in deepam's light. Fantastic work Brindha. Another master piece into your gallery. I guess you have another grand display for the contest. Waiting for it..

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Judy read your comments about the rules, which I'm unaware.

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Brinda, I am speech less. Soooo wonderful. I took around five minutes to observe each and every intrecacy designs you have made and to fill my eyes with this beauty. Hats offff....

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This is a very very very (indefinite times) beautiful job done by u brinda dear....and i have just one wish...if u had done this in broad daylight pl upload it for us to have that visual treat also...

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BTB, how do you prepare such bright colours? readily available or you prepare using stainers or what? Do you use rangoli powder or sand ? kindly give us the tips for your fan.

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Brindha, a post deepavali feast !

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Vinci it is very clearly mentioned in the post that 'Our past contest winners may not be eligible to enter for this contest' - please check here - http://www.ikolam.com/node/16643

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Deepa- AAvali is meaning the rows of diyas. This colorful mela of Diyas is beyond my imagination and appreciation. Brindha, thanks for the colorful treat.

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Thanks Judy for highlighting. I overlooked the contest message..

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Wow Brindha such a wonderful colorful and diyas-ful rangoli... Fantastic job done by you

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Brinda Mam!!!! Fabulous..!!!!!!! Such a lovely visual treat. Amazing... the different types of diyas design as well as the real diyas, firepots all are fine. No more words to say... It is wonderful diwali treat for us. I hope all our ikolam nembers enjoyed this. Thanx for the wonderful treat.

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very very beautiful diya kolam Brindha mam,thank God u r not in competition this time otherwise this time also u would be the winner,sorry just kidding!

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a perfect diwali rangoli, hope none other than brindha could do this

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Superb, brinda..no words..

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Wow.... what a pretty work....so symmetrical...each and every part of ths is done so minutely and neatly...really a visual treat with diyas around .....

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Marvelous rangoli

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SSSSSSOOOOOO very Beauuuuuuutiful Brindha. Symmetrical too. The blue shade inside looks like painted. Is it so? The colour combo, design, the placement of lamps, the night effect, everything is making this rangoli very unique.

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Thanks to all my friends. It is all your words which drive me to do better and better. (After seeing all your comments I felt a little embarrassed and flattered whether I deserve all these).
Let me enjoy the new comers colourful and wonderful creations.
@padma: Some colours I get it readymade powders and some I make myself with white kolapodi and fabric dye (dont forget to use gloves while doing so)
@Judy: Experimentation led us to the present placement of lamps.
@Rani: Day-light version will be uploaded in a couple of days.

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@Jayanti: Thank you Jayanti Smile It is not paint of course Smile

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Thanks for the information. Brinda, fabric dye ? is that fevicryl fabric colurs we get ? or we have to ask for fabric dye ? if so where do we get ?

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Excellent mam.. It is looking like a beautiful painting.. Very nice mam..

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hats off brinda maam was searchin for your entry in the competition. too bad you didnt participate.. Sad