Happy Chinese new year

lakshmiraghu Thu, 01/30/2014 - 08:41
yams yamuna
Mam, This is what called as creation, uniqueness, Wonderful,....what not!!, Supero super mam.
Thu, 01/30/2014 - 09:14 Permalink
Wow....awesome rangoli laksh....such lovely base col...nice cross stich pattern used for a rangoli :)
Thu, 01/30/2014 - 18:43 Permalink
laks ooooooooooooooooooooooooohOOOOOOOOOO. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
Thu, 01/30/2014 - 22:53 Permalink
Wow!!! Stunning creation Lakshmi. The horse design as a kumil kolam is the highlight.
Fri, 01/31/2014 - 03:01 Permalink
Suguna Murugesan
Wow wow stunning beauty lakshmi! Kumizh horse is fantastic :) :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Fri, 01/31/2014 - 04:22 Permalink
superb as always,,, especially horses in kumizh has come out very well :)
Fri, 01/31/2014 - 07:08 Permalink
Priya Varshini
Stunning and rocking creation U r celebrating each and every day with a new creation. I am proud of u madam.
Fri, 01/31/2014 - 07:12 Permalink
congratulations!!! what an idea lakshmiavare....kumiL style is too good, looks like embroidery on the carpet :) ...nice way to represent the year of horse :)
Fri, 01/31/2014 - 10:15 Permalink
Lata thanks for selecting my rangoli for ROd,,,frenz heart felt thanks for your lovely comments...
Fri, 01/31/2014 - 21:26 Permalink
Dr.Rekha Shetty
Indeeed even i felt it is a embroidery done with cross stitch very very nice colour combo too
Fri, 01/31/2014 - 21:42 Permalink
Congrats on ROD lakshmi. Well deserved title.
Sat, 02/01/2014 - 02:47 Permalink
Awesome creation, Super idea! Even in real carpet you can not bring out such perfection. Hats off to you my dear Lakshmi. :bigsmile:
Sat, 02/01/2014 - 09:03 Permalink