Grapes kolam

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About Grapes kolam:

I started this kolam without any design in mind,turned out to be a flower and grpaes kolam.

Rangoli: Grapes kolam


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nice kolam with perfect colors.

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Neat and cute kolam : )

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In ur inner mind this design would have formed long back and longing to come out and it has taken the right time to bloom in this floor.( the floor also has some minnal/lightening design!)

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Very pretty and neatly presented. By the grapes instead of pink if you had given green it would have looked like a leaf Smile

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very nice. without your thinking any design it came out nice.

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hai u have good instant creativity.....hats offf

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Nicely done! In fact it is always interesting if one starts without any purpose and see how it ends in a quite unexpected pattern.

Regards! - mOhana

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nice kolam and color combination is gt8

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Beautifully done. It is very bright and attractive. But I didnt get, why that pink with grapes. You would have used green for that so that it looks like stalk or leaf of that grapes. Thank you

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If this is the outcome of a design you start off without thinking, pls do many such attempts cos this is splendid and neat

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bright and cute...-Indira

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Neat and cute kolam

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Colours you have filled looks very pretty. Greapes are very small and cute.

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A small suggestion to the comment on the pink on the grapes. We can take it as bits of the color paper in which the grapes were wrapped for packaging.