Gradation Kolam

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Just an attempt by increasing the dot count by one for each kolam.Can call it Apartment kolam too. Collections taken from my old kolam note book

Rangoli: Gradation Kolam


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Nice collection from 5, all the way upto 11 dots Sumathi. White on brown color is my all time favorite. Smile

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very nice collection Sumathi,background also looks nice.

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Sumathi, very nice. are you going to publish any kolam book?

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Rajam Mam u r the right person to publish kolam books with your unique kolams

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Sumathi ma'am very nice collection... I personally liked the 9 to 9 one and 7 to 7 though all look beautiful...

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very beautiful

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Great! Waiting for this kind of kolams ... Nice collections!

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Good collection of kolams Sumathi.

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very nice & beautiful

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9-9 kolam is from my grandmas collection

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Nice collections of kolams Sumathi.

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Very nice collection of kolams Sumathi - looks like a sticker to me...

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Very good collections ma'am.....