Golu Rangoli

This was drawn for golu The annapakshi welcomed the guests.

Rangoli: Golu Rangoli


Blue beauty!... -Indira Sundar

Very Nice anna pakshi. Neat work

Lovely freehand drawing....madhu....

Very nice...

Wow. Very beautiful kolam. Mahalakshmi

excellent annapakshi, very neatly drawn.

wow, what a warm wlcm!

Good to see you active again Madhu - nice bird rangoli - bright blue :)

very nice mam

very nice rangoli....

Nice bird in blue.

very nice.

Very nice annapakshi kolam. What a nice tradition of welcoming the guests. "Annadaatho Sukhibhava".

Dear friends Thanks to all of u for encouraging me.My grandchild Nithila Occupies my full time.So i miss so many kolams.Happy to see all again.