Golu Park Ireland 2010 (4)

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Sundara kandam theme - Srilanka

1. Hanuman meets Lankini
2. Ravana's palace - Three wives of Ravana, Musical instruments of Ravana, Kumbakarna, Ravana's court, Soorpanaka, Pushpaka vimanam
3. Ashoka vanam
4. Hanuman sitting in his extended tail chair

Rangoli: Golu Park Ireland 2010 (4)


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Quite an extensive piece of work, Meena! Each picture had so much going, and it was elaborately themed too. Smile I'm sorry we could only display 2 of your 10 or so files in the contest. But here we are now, enjoying one more of your golu pictures. Thank you Meena. Smile
Wish you a happy Diwali.

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Hi Lata, Thanks for your lovely comment and those kind words. I just love to the share the art and enjoy other ikolam friends' creative and artistic work more than the contests. Glad to be part of the ikolam group. Thanks again. Cheers Meena

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Hi Meena mam,

Nice theme selected for Golu park arrangement. A small correction, it was not Hanuman who sat on the extended tail chair in Ravana's court. It was Angada (Son of Vaali).


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Thanks for the correction Mahalakshmi. Cheers Meena

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Very nice arrangement and good theme for the young generation to know about the ethic stories

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Lovely arrangement

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Nice theme for a golu....

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Very Nice display.

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Nice arrangement Smile