Golu Kolam - I

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Hai Friends!!!!! I made this kolam for Golu, which will be placed in front of golu with lamps. This I made with turmeric powder & lime water (Chunnambu)on a plate. Your views plz....

Rangoli: Golu Kolam - I


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NEW CONCEPT... welldone jayasree. manjalil chunnaambu padumpodhu adhu red colour aaga maarudha? dots eppadi vecheenga?Please explain how you did this.

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Excellent work!!!Very pretty

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hats off for a very novel idea da jasreeeeee....this is excellent...jayanthy mam...teriyaada...manjalum chunnaambum kalandu(avasara)aarathykkaaga kalandu vaippaanga....i am too waiting for ur dots explanation....superb...jasree...

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Thank u Anu, Ammu & Jayanthi. Just I would like to share the method
First apply oil uniformly in a plain plate, then apply turmeric powder with out touching the oil surface. Uniformly spread the powder by shaking the plate. Dilute chunnambu with water in a bowl. Take a johnson ear bud & dip it in chunnambu water & make the design by just touching the turmeric surface as per your design. I t will turn to red colour. At the end of the day add 1/2 glass water then mix, it will become aaratthy for that day.

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Wonderful,jasree.Thank you for ur explanation...

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With simple manjapodi, chunnaambu and earbuds you have created one pretty innovative aarathi thattu. very nice idea, thanks for sharing the other detais.

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Good idea, Jayanthi! You have done it with good patience! The 2 in 1 idea (kolam + aarthi) is practicable!

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Thank you jayasree for sharing the method. Decoration becomes aarathi later. Gud idea.

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Btw, why many are saying jayanthi instead of Jasree wheneverthey comment for her kolam? many a times I have noticed thaat. Pleease... let the credits go to her..........

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Beautiful idea and execution..
Jeyanthi Maam, her name is Jayanthi Sreethar, shortened as Jasree. She came up with her name when I couldn't trace her collections in the gallery.

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Jayanthi this is a superb idea - thanks for sharing something new with us. Lovely design Smile

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Beautiful idea....different concept.......keep itup.....looks very nice

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Thank u Lakshmi, Judi, Vinci, Rajamma, veni & Jaya. Thank you again for your valuable feed back.

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Jayanthi maam novel idea and looks pretty

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I'm glad you've explained the technique too Jayanthi. The design looks nice, but the image should have been a bit smaller. Smile I would like to try this some day. I need to make sure I have all the ingredients at home, before I attempt this one.
( I'll get in touch with you soon). Smile

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Thank u Lata. I am eagerly waiting to see your results.

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By using simple ingredients you have created a very excellent design......thanks for sharing the method....superb...

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Sorry, jayanthy I had missed this. excellent work and a new idea to us. Thanks for the detailed explanation too

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Thank u Padma