Goddess Meenakshi

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Goddess Meenakshi kolam took 14 hours from start to finish.

Rangoli: Goddess Meenakshi


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wow dumbstruck!!! i can not move from this page Smile ...congrats on ROD Smile

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Congrats on ROD... You are truly blessed to do such a marvelous job and to do it for 14 hours, that needs a lot of passion and determination... I would love to see you work through this... your coloring, detailing, everything is just too perfect... love your work... you inspire me... one question, from where do you get such lovely photos to do such wonderful creations??

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She had mentioned that she finds her inspirations from cards, calenders, and spiritual pictures/books. Smile

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thank u for your nice comment.

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Wow superb what a talent u have marvelous amazing.

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Wow!marvelous!you are blessed with GOD to do such divine rangolies.congrats on ROD.

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Congrats on ROD. You are blessed and a gifted artist.

No doubt all our I kolam members are enjoying ur amazing creations. Your dedication and the time you are spending towards each and every creation is highly appreciated:)

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thank u

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danyradevu naavu nodi enthaha adbuta nimma kaiya chamtkara.No words dear only i can say sastanga namaskara

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thank u Dr.Rekha.

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thank u Dr.Rekha.

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This is amazing! To see my Ambal this way wow!

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really superb....amazing I am at loss of words!!!