Geometric Kolam 2

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This is another hexagonal design which uses 19-10 Interlaced dots. I've used colour pencils of similar shades to achieve a 3D effect.

Rangoli: Geometric Kolam 2


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very nice interlaced design kolam even the selection of colours is also nice.

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3D dotted kolam has been drawn with great patience.

My hands are itching to pull them apart and put them back together, as a challenge. It's been a while I'd worked on any puzzle.

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nice 3d kolam.

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preeti very beautifu...I should join a engineering collage then only i can start commenting on ur creations...wait!! let me complete few semesters then come back!!!

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Thanks everyone. Smile ha ha Lakshmi aunty Biggrin I'm so new to all this aunty. I was surfing the net for some geometric patterns and tried all these out using dots. Smile

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Preeti, Ammakku ponnu-nnu prove pannare!

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hai lovely it looks like a celtic design in kolam with luv

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Beautiful kolam and nice coloring giving a 3D effect

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very nice work!!!congrats!!Can we reproduce this design with kolapodi????let us wait for that....

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very nicely coloured to give a grand three-dimensional look. The three-fold symmetry has been maintained quite well throughout. A lot of planning has gone into this. It must be possible to make one like this using legos perhaps.

Regards! - mOhana

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it too good to see

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I am so happy to be in the midst of kolam designer freaks like me - Preeti this is a very good one and Anantha has suggested that it be reproduced with colourpodi. Now let me see what I can do on the computer with this one Smile

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nice coloring preeti.

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Very nice work Chinnu. I also like to play with this puzzle like Lata said:) Avva is wondering and very happy that you can create such a beauty with dots! Great colouring job to bring this effect!

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Preeti, wonderful tricolor, 3-D effect design. I think you would have spent much time in creating this...3 Idiots!and it has come out very nice, coloring done very cleverly to get the 3-D effect. My hand also itching to play with this.Since you have given the dot count, I think many will try to put this with rangoli powder. Expecting more such wonders from you.


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Thanks again everyone Smile Jaya aunty thanks so much Smile Anantha ji I'm sure this can be easily done with kola podi. Thanks Mohana Sir and Rajamma aunty. It did take quite a lot of time to get the effect right, but once done reproducing was easy Smile Thank you Judy aunty, I too have a digital copy of this. I tried it out on Adobe Illustrator Smile Amma and Avva - Thank you Biggrin
I think if this is made with kola-podi it will be a great effect (and will look so much better than this). I wanted to try it out too, but I don't have so many shades of colours.

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beautiful puzzle design, step1, step2, step3...goes on Smile