fusion lace doily

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This is a free hand kolam drawn in front of my house on friday...ur views and suggestions please.

Rangoli:  fusion lace doily


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Wow!! Your kolam is very artistic & amazing!! How long it takes to complete this kolam? The outer design looks very grand. Thanx for sharing

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Excellent as usual!

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gorgeous lakshmiii...however u could make those intricate design throughout d border....only u could have accomplished that....amazing....

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Wow wonderful!!! lakshmi,(eppadidhan podurengalo)Neril parkka aasai.....

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wonderful treat to eyes Lakshmi mam,i tried to copy ur style in filling the gaps uhhhm not my cup of tea! hats off to u in making filling neatdesigns inside the kolams

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Exquisite Lace Work Lakshmi.. The borders are too cute.. Loved your work..

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Jasree she takes a minimum of 4 to 5 hours to complete it.. Veni you can always go to Lakshmi's house when you visit Vadapalani temple (she lives 5 minutes from there) and you are sure to see her kolam as she puts one everyday. I have been lucky to see many such kolams on her lucky floor..

Lax this is one of the neatest I have seen so far I think - day by day your creations get better and better - you rob us of expressions to let you know what we feel about your wonder kolams. One thing I must say is that I am proud to say I am your friend - thanks a lot Smile

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Lakshmi, Hegendu varnisali? Mooka vismitalu Naanu.
I have heard "Gandharva"s are very good in art. I think you might have been a gandharva kanye in your previous Janma. Thats why you are blessed with such an artistic hand. So small yet perfect intricacy designs. Some times I wonder these are hand written or printed. Outstanding neat work.

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unga kolam varnikka varthai illai.pudu pudu design yeppadidan thonukiradho theriyavillai.porumayin sigaram lakshmi.nice kolam.

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Lakshmi, marvelous, any word for the appreciation of this kolam is very less. I am very much confused - which one to admire - each and every intricate design is sooooo perfect and beautiful. (look after your health also, dear - hip and neck)

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Lakshmi maam lovely creation as usual. The netted pattern enhances the overall look of the kolam. I was just thinking how much pain has gone into putting the kolam and especially the outer most design... Hats off to u maam

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Innovative and Intricate. [I]

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what an excellent work.....so minutely done...borders are amazing....

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The design looks very grand.superb.. i like it soooooooooo much.

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Well, each person can be identified by a particular type of creation. Patience and diligence personified, lakshmIjI's identity tag is this type of rangOli. One little suggestion (suggestions are easy to give Smile The half design by the side of the lotus could have been made full or its mirror image could have been used alternately to give relief. Next thing, I am ready with my paMchapAtra for free meals on this table cloth Smile

Regards! - mOhana