Fusion kolam

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About Fusion kolam:

A sikku kolam with 10(4) to 4 dot count. Very easy to draw for beginners. Your views pls.....

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Fusion kolam


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Beautiful fusion kolam padma.

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padma, iam very glad to see ur bb uploads, this looks very neat

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nice kolam and gud one. nice light blue and blue kolam design.

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nice kolam and gud one. nice light blue and blue kolam design.

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so cute n beautiful!-suguna murugesan

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very cute dear .if i get time i will definitely try this one .

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wow your black board and this light blue colour mesmerising, neat work padma.

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nice one

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Nice fusion kolam padma...today both ur kolams r matching-matching in cols na....

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Padma, this looks very beautiful. I think after buying BB, u stopped making floor version kolams.


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Thank you Pushpa, Uma, Alamelu, Suguna.
@Rekha - I will be very happy if you upload this and I will write a poem for u (not translation. Did you saw the poem translation of Maha's padi kolam).
@Rani - yes I did with the same powder. On BB we can collect back the powder (this was some other kolams recollected white and blue mix. I used that as the base for new kolams. Dont think I am kanjoose but I doesn't like wasting)
@Maha- Thank you. Yes u r right. I get free time only after 10 - 10.30 pm and at that time I cant do a kolam outside. hence In my room I do on BB and get satisfied. Thanks for Vasanthi for introducing BB . Most of the kolams I do after 10.30 pm only (even dining table kolams). What to do Maha, Vakth ka problem hai.

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Beautiful floral cum chikku design in BB...you have done it so neatly Padma...

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beautiful work..

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Thank you soumi and Seetha.