friday kolam

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About friday kolam:

hai everybody ...this was done on a friday....yr views pl...

Rangoli: friday kolam


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Nice weaving lines in the hearts. A good looking design as usual.

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Asaththal kolam

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thank u latha and rajamma mam...

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very nice and beautiful one. superb mam

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Nice to see Hearts in line kolam, very cute..........I wish to try it oneday .......

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பளிச் பெண் போட்ட பளிச் கோலம் அழகாக சிரிக்கிறது.

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thank u alamelu mam bhavani and brinda mam...(bhavani...pottappuram upload seyyunga...)

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Very nice and very very palich palich as always,.

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wow super mam.... very much attractive........

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Ammu maam what a beauty... this is surely mesmerising and I love this all the more for the wonderful kaavi

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Great Rani you have given a different shape for a change instead of the usual circular designs you put - very neatly done Smile

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Ammu excellent kolam your kaavi gives a rich looks to the kolam

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Amazing, I love the central design, try it with less lines, then the novelty and the beauty in this will become obvious.

Regards! - mOhana

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thank u padma radpri pushpa mam judy sudha mam and jkm sir...(sure sir i shall try with 2 lines and see what d effect is...)

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kaavi dominates well, and the kolam entirely looks divine

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thanks da....