Freehand Rangoli

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About Freehand Rangoli:

This was done on a friday inspired by DEEPA RAM mam hope u forgive me for copying ur original yr views pl

Rangoli: Freehand Rangoli


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Felt very happy to see u copy my kolam mam,i will be more pleased if u call me Deepa,thank u again for creating a new kolam out of my kolam,very nice indeed with kaavi

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Copycat kolam is nice.

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ammmuji really very nice your kaavi has no comments to say, the colour gives the rich look.

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Very beautifully drawn. The colouring too is minimal and appropriate.

Regards! - mOhana

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very nice copycat kolam..-Indira

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Ammu maam pretty kolam and as usual I love your deep maroon (kaavi) color.

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Rrrraaannniiii it looks very bright and nice...keep it up

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thanksa lot deepa rajammaji sudhaji jkm sir indra dibutn mam and lakshmi for ur views thanks again for the copy cat kolam remarks

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nice dear

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thank u alamelu mam

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Good work Rani - nicely done Smile