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This is a freehand rangoli which ended up looking like fish.. Lata after seeing your fish kolam I decided to upload this one...

Rangoli: Freehand Rangoli


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Very pretty design, nice colors, I especially like the fountain effect from their mouths. Smile

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Nice one Judy!!yellow and blue are good(blue or violet?don't conclude that I have color blindness:-D).

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மீனே ,மீனே ,மீனம்மா
மீனை போட்டவர் யாரம்மா ?
இதென்ன கே ள்வி ?
வேறு யாராய் இருக்க முடியும் ?ஜுடியை தவிர ?

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Judy very nice design.and colour match come out very nice.

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Bold, big, beautiful! Is it the head or the tail that is sticking out?

Regards! - mOhana

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Very pretty Judy ma'am...

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subashini,old thamizh song romba poruthamaa pottirukkenga. Neela meen( or Bug) manjal tharayil thulludhaa?Judy potokadayile ellaame azhagu dhaan.


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Rende colouril avvalavu effective kolam. Nice Judy.

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Thank you Lata (yes now I too can see the fountain), Asha (it is blue and you are not colour blind), Subashini (thanks for the apt lovely old song), Lakshmi, Pushpa, Rajamma, Jayanthi and JKM (actually when I was drawing it I never intended to draw a fish but when I finished it looked so much like one)

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Yellow and blue combinations give s great look to your kolam ... also your rangoli is very nice...