Freehand Kolam

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About Freehand Kolam : PRINT

wondering what what to write so that i can complete 10 words Smile

Rangoli: Freehand Kolam


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Nice design. The centre design looks nice.


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very beautiful!-suguna murugesan

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Interesting design! Looks like a stencil.

Regards! - mOhana

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Very nice design shravanthi and ur description too...haha

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Lovely kolam, and you are very fast, that we are all still in April'11, but your camera alone jumped to Nov'11 (just joking)

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very nice pattern mam. ha haaa...and your wordings tooo...
nithya.....i think you have taken vinci's job this time....

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Nice design and a neat work.
Vasanthi, I may not look into detail when my little one is around Smile so missed this time. Glad, Nithya noticed it.

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Nice free hand design.

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nice kolam......

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Nicely made rangoli! I like your swirls. Smile

Wondering what to write in 10 words? Let me help you with a sample. Smile

"I enjoy making rangolis, especially the freehand ones! I had made this rangoli sometime in January (include the month/date if you like), and used___(substitute the medium you’d used) to make it. I also like to draw borders around my rangoli, sometimes. I hope you like my rangoli and my casually drawn borders as well.
Let me know if you have any suggestions for me. I might try to color some portions of this rangoli, if I were to try it again. My daughter is my first admirer and also my source of inspiration!". Smile


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Dear Lata, I just go on admiring you everyday for providing us such a beautiful platform to share our kolams.Thank You very much once again.

Just got bored of writing the material,date,etc as i include them daily in almost all kolams of mine and tried something new and got your mail.

I have few suggestions for you :

1)Prev and Next buttons to navigate from one kolam to another in ones Gallery.
2)Ability to oraganise Kolams/Designs/Paintings in ones Gallery.
3)Intimation of getting Comments/Mails from a particular person.
4)Chatting facility for members who are currently online in the website.

Thank you for giving me a chance to share my thoughts.And it is up to you to consider the need and feasibility of the above things.


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Hi Sravanthi,

All these ideas and more, have been thought about, and have been added to the "next version" of our software list a few years ago. Let me answer in the order that you've mentioned:

1) This feature is already there, in the form of list of thumbnails appearing on the right side bar, one below the other.
2) This is a personalized customization, and would require hours and hours to implement, and I don't have the time.
3) and 4) This is a premium and server-resources draining feature, and I can't afford to upgrade the server at this point.

Thank you for your suggestions, though I wasn't wondering about them. Smile

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nice design mam.

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Nice Chikku Kolam.

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Very pretty kolam.