ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all...this freehand rangoli was done by me last week...hope u like this...eagerly waiting for ur views....



Suguna Murugesan's picture

nice freehand n vizhakku kolam!-suguna murugesan

smahalakshmi's picture

Rani, very nice design with kutti agal vilakku. perfect round shaped rangoli.


nithyaashok's picture

What a blue beauty! Awesome freehand kolam.

umaraja's picture

sunrise vilakku kolam looks grand rani with a complete neatness

julien's picture

rani mam your ujala free hand rangoli is super...

dibbutn's picture

Oh so cute Rani mam, especially the lamps "holding hands" Smile very very cute dear with minimal coloring.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u suguna,maha, nithya, uma, julien and push for ur encouraging comments....

alameluranganath's picture

nice and gud one. very nice one.

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

"yenthaha sundara chakra eedu
krishna thanna chakra bittu
idannu padeyalendu
devalokadinda bumigilidu bandaru
ikolam raniannu hogali
chkra tekondu hodaru
yenthaha sundara chakra eedu "

deepa ram's picture

very very beautiful and symmetrical Rani mam, nice bright colouring too...!

vijaysowmya's picture

Wow...Rani...a perfect round shaped kolam....symmetrical and very neat pa.....

saka's picture

very nice freehand kolam.perfect circle and the kutty lamps look very beautiful.

Chethan Srinivasan's picture

Excellent work as usual Rani Mam.

rajamma_2's picture

Perfect wavy round design. The lampsa nd other decorations look very pretty.white and blue combination is very attractive on this grey floor.

Sravanthi Prasad's picture

Wow...Wonderful....its beautiful,innovative and perfect !

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u priya, rekha mam, deepa, sowmi, chethan, rajamma mam and sravanthi for ur lovely comments....

BalaChandrasekaran's picture

deebangal olira wooooooooooow perfect circular kolam,fantastic Rani.

Padma Prakash's picture

Fantastic free hand design with very pretty colour combination RAni.

subashini's picture

Ammadi , yeththanai periya vattam! very beautiful extraordinary kolam Rani.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u bala, padma and suba....

S Aasrithaa Ramanan's picture

perfect kolam,,, very nice... how do u find time to do all these in the morning aunty....?

Anisha Raghunath's picture

wow very nice freehand design.....i wonder how u did such small designs in it......

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u aasritha(i do almost all my kolams in d evenings except during festival days and margazhi season...btw r u related to bharathy old r u dear) , thank u anisha...just finished layer by layer...

S Aasrithaa Ramanan's picture

no.. i am not related to them... i am 20yrs old... i am basically the grand daughter of Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi as you see in my profile picture...

vasanthi's picture

அப்பப்பபா பெருமாள் கையில் உள்ள சக்கரம் சுழன்று வானில் பறந்து வருவது போல் உள்ளது ராணி அம்மையாரே so perfect rani mam...wonderful colouring. I envy you for your vaasal (mmmm crying I also wanted aa வாசல் ... திருவல்லிகேணியில எங்கேப்பா வாசலுக்கு போறது என்று நீங்கள் நினைப்பது தெரிகிறது)

ammuchandhini's picture

Haha...thank u vasanthi...don't cry dear...all our wishes for ur dreamhome is going to be true soon na....i will pray extra for u to have a biiig frontyard like this ....haha

BharathiKRaman's picture

the beauty is your symmetry. Such wonderful gift u have. Keep it up.

ammuchandhini's picture

Oh is it so....thanks dear...but i could'nt find ur name in d gallery to see u...

S Aasrithaa Ramanan's picture

i have uploaded only 3 kolams till now.. lata aunty told, only if we upload 5 kolams, our name will get listed in gallery... so only..

ammuchandhini's picture

Oh i knew about it dear when i saw ur recent continue to give us ur maakolam treats often...