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About freehand : PRINT

Hi this is a very simple design which might be useful for the begineers. Did this long back....Hope you all like it ...Your views pl.(I was able to take a pic when a squirrel was into it..just thought of sharing Smile )

Rangoli: freehand


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Hahaha...beautiful freehand and even more beautiful insert picture harini...nice presence of mind to click that cute squirrel... Smile

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Beautiful everyday kolam! The squirrely is so cute!

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cho chweet squirrel! nice kolam :love:

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Simple and neat and nice greenish backgroud too...

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Nice freehand design which looks very elegant and neat. Nice capture of the squirrel.. You are so lucky to enjoy such natural things. :love:

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this is the actual purpose of kolam. very nice and gudone.

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wow, wonderful picture.very nice free hand kolam .Thanks for sharing. Smile :love:

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asusual very beautiful. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

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looks very beautiful...nice snaps..

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very beautiful kolam and squirrel.

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Harini dear, your are so fortunate to have caught the lovely squirrel on camera and so are we to view it... tx for that dear... cute squirrel came to compliment your lovely kolam I guess Smile Smile

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Waw! Harini, the garden, pull tharai, the white beauty kolam and the squirrel enjoying the kolam... what a nice scene this is! Smile

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looking good mam Smile Smile

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Thankyou so much dear friends...thankyou for your lovely comments and your valuable time.

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Kolam in mud floor and the squirrel are very nice Smile

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thankyou Shibrudha

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What a shot! I'm sure Harini scored high on karma points from the Lord! :bigsmile: Judging from the squirrel's expression, I'm wondering if this kolam contains rice powder?
You say you did this design long back. I sort of believe you have lots of such kolams hidden away in your treasure box. J)

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Thankyou Lata Smile Hope God gives me lot of strength to do lot more kolams...Yes Lata, always i draw kolams only with rice powder...that too i grind and sieve it each time before i decide to do whenever the climate is good....and one more thing ..yes i do have a lot hidden in my treasure because only after i saw the gallery i came to know that i haven't uploaded many of them...i am very poor in remembering things Smile

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lively neat perfect pic,,,