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Freehand kolam design. Made on paper with pencil. It's a little smudged though.

Rangoli: Freehand


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Another Drum design pol irukku. nice.

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preethi nice design

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Preethi this is very beautiful - next time try colouring it...

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Thanks Vani Ma'am. The circles are freehand. I did not use a compass.

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Thank you Rajamma ma'am and Lakshmi ma'am.

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Thanks Judeline ma'am. I thought the design would look better with pencil when drawn on paper. Will definitely try colouring the next design I try out.

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very good.

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thanks sitthi..

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This is quite good. Black and white has its own charm. It's not always necessary
to dabble in colour. The circle is very well drawn. Last week or so, I watched on
TV here a guy drawing on the board a perfect circle without even looking at it. When
I read the comment on the circle drawing here, I remembered it. Some people are
gifted and we have to salute them. prItIjI, you did a fine job. My only worry is
about the numbers 5, 13, 14, 32. But that is minor.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you mOhana sir, for the comments and the observation. I didn't really think about that when I sketched it out. I just drew it as those numbers seem to fit the pattern well, and are not too obviously visible when not seen from that perspective. But I'll definitely try and take care of it in my other designs. It will definitely make the design better.