free hand rangoli

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About free hand rangoli : PRINT

this is free hand rangoli drawn in my neighbour house.

Rangoli: free hand rangoli


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Neat and cute Nithiji.

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Wow...nice line kolam....thanks for sharing ur neighbour's work too...

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nice and neat kolam...

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Very Nice kolam...

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beautiful line kolam, thanks for sharing

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Excellent kolam

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very nice

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Nice free hand kolam.


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Very neat and beautiful-Indira Sundar

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sharp curves in a pretty wet floor(hope it was raining na)

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very cute podi kolam...

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Very pretty kolam and nice design.

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Very nice...

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Padi kolam looking different and nice.

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looks nice

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Very pretty padikolam, tx for sharing it with us

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Nice work. It could have been planned better so that everything is there on the main floor and not on the walkway.

Regards! - mOhana

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Pretty kolam. Thanks for sharing your neighbour's kolam.

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I think your neighbour started with the intention of making a small kolam and ended up with such a big one - the way it is spilling over tells this.... As JKM suggested she could have utilised the entire platform in front to make this look even more pretty Smile