Free hand rangoli

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This is a free hand design..drawn in front of my house on Vijayadhashimi day..your views and suggestions pl....

navrathri 2010
Rangoli: Free hand rangoli


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Beautiful lakshmiji. Colour combination, symmetry and design all are perfect.

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lovely rangoli......

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Lovely Rangoli Lakshmi.... The design, colour combination, symmetry all are good.

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Awesome rangoli with nice bright cols chosen lakshmiii...lovely broad strokes makes this even more attractive...( nicely i am giving comments for ur kolam ...and what do u comment on my kolam....frog, break dance, noodles etc...grrrr)

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Thank you friends for your lovely comments...rani this is ur style ...that is my style..... hehehe

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laks super colour kolam,

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Bright blue kolam, Are you selected an an brand ambassador for "Ujala Blue" , he he
Akka, super kolam with bright colours.

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Very bright and beautiful rangoli.


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very very beautiful gr8 look,

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Beautiful rangoli! I like the dark blue and the magenta combination, it makes the whole design more brighter. Smile

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Lakshmi, to be frank, your white kolams are more appealing than color kolams!

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Bright and beautiful..-Indira Sundar

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What a surprise? Lakshmi after enjoying a series of white podi kolams, a bright colourful and beautiful kolam from you. Very pretty and wonderful kolam from you.

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very very beautiful and colorful.

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laks looks like a replica of the ceiling decorations in temples

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well colored with an ujala effect,

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very pretty rangoli done by you lakshmi.....nice choice of colours...the kolam looks rich in colour because of the blue in the centre and outside....

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very prettya,clean and difficult rangoli.Colours selection is too good .Overall excellent work

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your surprising kolam is beautiful.

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Very very bright and attractive rangoli,lakshmi

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Your special touch makes all your kolams very beautiful, Lakshmi. I like the curvy design in the inner dark blue part very much.

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nice blue beauty!

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Looks like paintings seen at the top roop of temples.
very well Lakshmi.

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Laks, while the white designs made by you seem like white angels, this one seems like the ajanta painting. Marvelous job dear.

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Very rarely we see your color mela kolams like this.The bright blue outside is stunningly attractive.

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For a moment, I thought this was a dIpAvaLi contest rangOli Smile I would like to see some more of this type so that you are not branded as the queen of lacy patterns. Grand and design and brilliant colouring!

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice to see your colored versions Lakshmi. Like to see more..

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super kolam madam

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Oh ya this is the other side of Lax. Lovely colour combination especially the robin blue (remember that anyone??)... Very neat rangoli Lax - give us more like this please??

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judy thank u how ru no seeing...hi friends thanks l lot......

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"FRAME IT" Lakshmi !
color combination is simply amazing.. very bright Smile

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thank u saras