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mahallakshmi@g… Tue, 08/17/2010 - 11:06

Maha, very beautiful kolam, very neat drawing, the kolam merges very well with the mosaic floor.Can you give more detail about this Alpona" work? rajamma
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Padma Prakash

Superb kolam, mahalakshmi. very neatly executed and good design too. the lines are very thin and even. How did you draw this. with the help of a brush?????????
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What is this 'alpona' you all keep talking about? Let us laymen know please. About the kolam itself, it's fantastic. As if you had measured out and marked the various spots. Wonderful strokes.
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Hello Everyone! thanks for the response! "Rangoli" is derived from "ranga-valli" meaning colourful creeper. The art of drawing on the floor is called by various names in different parts of India. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala its called Kolam, in Andhra its called Muggu, In Bihar its called Aripana, in Rajasthan its Mandana. Similarly in Bengal its ALPONA. The designs in each state is unique and different. Please mail me at for further discussion. Since there is no written material available on the 'History of Indian Rangoli', I was very interested and researched about it. I have done a dissertation on the same topic for my Degree program. There are many things I'm yet to discover about this curious art form. Cheers! Mahallakshmi Arun
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Wow Maha maam this is just a superb one... beautiful thin lines in maavu and symmetry so well maintained... lovely kolam... looking forward to more from u
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Hi again!....I drew it in the traditional method of soaking a cotton rag in the rice paste, and squeezing it in my palm, so as to let the fluid run down my fingers to draw the design. Mahallakshmi Arun
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Nice to know that you have done dissertatoin in your degree. Very neatly drawn thin strokes in wet maakolam. Wonderful creation, Maha:)
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