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Hello Everyone,

This is the picture of a free hand lotus drawn by an elderly lady. I do not know her name to be mentioned in this website. I love the intricacy and the radial symmetry of this design.

Mahallakshmi Arun

Rangoli: Free hand lotus


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Mahalakshmi! Smile

What a grand entry you've made today! Smile
A big thank you to you and to the lady for sharing this circular rangoli here with all of us.

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hai welcome...this is an awesome design...thanks for sharing...waiting to see ur contributions too....

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very very beautiful kolam. superb drawing with perfection.

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How neat and intricate this one is. I love it very much.. I like the slender yet bold strokes very much.. The decoration on the outer side looks lovely. If lined with kavi would have been extremely grand..

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Superb, fantastic work done by her and the side border design looks lovely!

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Hats off for this wonderful kolam.

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Excellent. Grand chakara. Borders are well matched with the kolam. Her experience is well seen.

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Nice to see you very thin line kolam like this taking of more time but the outbarder must say more decarating the inner one thanks for the nice one

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wow!! looks like net....i like the border also..crispy net looks different.

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Wow beautiful design. v very neat work.

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What a lovely kolam! And what patience and enthusiasm that lady must have had to draw such an intricately twined one. I know foe people like Lakshmi , Sudha, Indu or Rajamma ma'am, this will be jujupi, but to me it's just amazing!

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ரொம்பவும் அழகான கோலம். இந்த அழகுக்கு, நாலு மூலையிலும் இருக்கும் டிசைன் வெண்சாமரம் வீசுவதுபோல் உள்ளது. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Hats off to that lady. By the by, ur face look very familiar Mahalakshmi, Where are you from?

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Wow! Lovely. Whoever made this kolam has done a very good job!

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Superb kolam, Lovely. So much patience. The strokes seem to be made by white pencil. Excellent

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Maha maam this is a marvelous design... what thin lines uff ... I cant imagine putting thin lines like this... I remember Jayanthi maam had put a kolam like this during our Bangalore meet.... Unfortunately I didnt see her putting the design as I was engrossed in another rangoli... but I did see the final result... it was sort of like this...

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Thin strokes are very beautiful. Very difficult for me. :(.
So intricate and awesome design. Amazinga irukku

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Looks very nice.

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Deepaval has come? Is it the tharai chkram going round and round? Excellent single thin ezhaikolam. It is Jayanthy's favourite. The outer designs are very very cute and very neatly drawn.Peyar theriyadha andha lady ... kku en vanakkamgal.Mahalakshmi, thanks for sharing.

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Hi Maha, awesome design. thin strokes have come out beautifully. Border designs are very very good. Thanks for sharing.

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The fact that it is done by an elderly!!! She must have got a backache by the time she finished these strokes.God Bless her!!!!So that she does more and more of these marvels....what symettry and steady hand!!! The outside borders add a superb touch to the kolam!!!! Lakshmi Jayaraman

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What a great beauty, I like it.

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow excellent kolam. Thanks for sharing this.'s picture

Thanks for the warm welcome Ms. Lata!
Thanks all of you for the kind comments!
It is surely motivating me to upload more!
Mahallakshmi Arun

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you have lot of patienc, its beautifu

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very nice, needs concentration to draw. My wishes to her