Free hand kolam

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This is a free hand kolam...drawn in front of my house on friday ....

Rangoli: Free hand kolam


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Lakshmi mam, lakshmi mam dhan. Superb kolam design, dear Lakshmi mam.


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Wow Laks, how i missed this lovely kolams of yours. Lovely dear. Combo of thin and thick lines like these can only be done by you I think. Awesome one.

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asusual awesome dear! n lakshmi dear unga kolathai paatha enakku hip valikkuthu! very good patience u have dear!!!!!!!!suguna murugesan

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here comes the Lakshmi mam,with her crochet netted kolams..trademark patent of her alone...beautifully woven patterns i would a knitted one....even without colouring this kolams are the only ones which looks stunning and artistic in design....!

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very nice design lakshmi mam

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Awesome net design in ur kolam.....laksh...lovely looking with such thin and thick strokes pa...

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asusual your lovely kolams.... are continue.., good work.,

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laksh ur all time favrt white angel looks pretty

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Ippadi kalakkareengale, perfect one lakshmi soooooooooooo beautiful.

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you have drawn your kolam artistically lakshmi.very beautiful netted kolam.

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Iam speechless, Akka, how are you ? Lovely, Lovely, Lovely kolam.

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wow! lovely, beautiful lace work you manage symmetry mam...awesome work...

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Excellent job...hats off....

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laxmi ki yaha rangoli
lagthi hai hame pyari safed pari
Darthi mei ootarkar
man luba rahi hai sabka ll
dekho dekho ees pariko
lagthi hai jaise dariya ho dudke
laxmi ki yaha rangoli
lagthi hame safed pari
hum jaise chote naari kya tharif kare hiski? ll

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very nice.the nets are looking very beautiful in ur kolam.

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magnificent, looks very grand. the flowers and borders looks soo beautiful

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thank you sooooooooo much friends

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Excellent always a fan of your kolams.....

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Lakshmi mam It is sooooooooooooo Beautiful. I am speechless. Dr. Rekaha's poetry super. Both are talented and my hat's of to you both.