Free hand kolam

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About Free hand kolam:

This kolam is drawn by by neighbour, she (Sasikala) requested me to upload this in ikolam site.

Rangoli: Free hand kolam


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Looks beautiful in double strokes! A big "Thank you" to you and to your friend. Smile

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Very beautiful freehand kolam Nithya. Convey our applause to your neighbour

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lovely kolam niths...both of u have a wonderful cement u put saani on d cement floor daily....

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Lovely kolam,nithya.Thank you for sharing...

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Very nice kolam. Convey wishes to your friend (Sasikala).


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Thank you everybody, i will convey it to her. Rani madam, whenever we get saani, we used to put it in the cement floor not on daily basis, during festival times only

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Pretty border & kolam is amazing:: convey my b.wishes to sashikala Mam


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Lovely double stroke kolam with cute borders.

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Morning beauty looks too Cute.. Pallichnu oru minnal pola irukku.. Love this kolam for the double strokes.. nice design and border..

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Wow loved the double strokes here... do give us appreciation to Sasikala maam

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Neat double strokes!!! What a steady hand!!! Beautiful kolam!

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Nice five-fold symmetry!

Regards! - mOhana

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Sasikala has done a very neat job with even double strokes and a pretty design and you have been so sweet to upload it for us to enjoy Nithya Smile

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Beautiful kolam.

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Lovely double stroke kolam with cute borders.