Free hand Kolam

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This was the kolam i drew near Tulsi Brindavan at my mom's place. Your views please.

Rangoli: Free hand Kolam


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beautiful freehand design padma...nice to see ur kolam on d floor after a long time....

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padma, thumba chennagidhe simple design with nice extension If you had used a dark colour instead light purple it would have given a rich look.

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Very nice, padma

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Pretty design Padma - and lovely lavender colour too - but somehow there is a blurred look - is it the quality of the photo or something wrong with the colouring??

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supera irukku

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Oru menmayaana azhagu ( soft Beauty) kolam. That too in my fav. lavender color. Admiring it for a long time.

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beautiful freehand design padma...lavender color looks nice..hmm waiting to see ur thulasi devi....

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Thank you RAni, Sudha, Veni, Judy, Alamelu and Rajamma.
Sudha, you are correct I would have used a bright colour. But I had very few colours at my mom's place. And I tried this Lavender colour using stainers and hence used the same.
Also, the photo is little blurr due to lack of pixels in my mobile. I didnt had the camera that day.

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This is merging nicely with the background like a camouflage. Really good work.

Regards! - mOhana

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Ah finally, got to see ur cute kolam on the floor Padma maam, so happy to see it on the floor than on paper

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Lovely work, and nice pinkish/purplish colors. Smile

sreegiri's picture

nice kolam.

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Thank you JKM sir, pushpa, Lata and Srigiri.

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Nice design, Padma. Dark purple in place of light purple would have enhanced the beauty more Smile

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a sober kolam.

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Thank you Brinda and Jayanthi. Brinda, You are right, the dark colour on the light background looks nice. But, I had limited colours at my mom's place. Since it was a holiday and I had plenty of time I just tried this.

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Lighter shades do have its own beauty and it glows here.