Free hand Kolam

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This kanya kolam (padi kolam)has been drawn by me to-day on the day of Aadi Velli.

Rangoli: Free hand Kolam


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Very pretty! Looks like a nAgabandha pattern. The lotuses add an extra beauty.

Regards! - mOhana

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this is so beautiful vasi mam...looks like a kuzhal kolam perfectly done double strokes....

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Kaiyaal potta kuzhal kolamaa? Paniyill pooththa pudhu malar pole irukkiradhu. Super double ezhai. Kaavi placed at the gaps so beautifully. Lotes design add the beauty.I just love this kolam.

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Hi Mam,
Woow !! Reallllllllllllly so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this kollam.

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very nice

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Wow, the kolam is very beautiful.

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latha vijayan
VERY BEAUTIFUL.Can you tell how to draw?

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Thanks to all for the comments.Only bacause of your encouragement I am able to draw such kolams.
Once agian thanks to all.

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Vasi maam another beauty from you... this is so so nicely done with your wonderful double strokes [when will i master this sigh Sad ] kaavi adds to the beauty of this kolam and yes the lotus design too is very pretty, cud hv colored them too I felt

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Its so beautiful. Can you please write us how to draw this ? pLeAse !

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Really awesome! The lines are so beautifully drawn, the outer flowers are lovely, and the filling of the semman instead of merely using as a border is the master touch.

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Very fine strokes and interlock design. The cute lotus extensions are lovely!

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Nice strokes and beautiful kolam! Love the lotuses with crowns :)!

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vasi mam neat uniform strokes

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Wow, Lovely Double strokes. Very neatly drawn. And the outer designs are pretty. Needs lot of experience to draw causualy like you.

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Very well done. Lookslike kuzhal. perfect strokes.

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very nice

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good and neatly drawn

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You seem to have a special technique of drawing your double strokes making them look like individual lines - wonder if we will ever get a chance to learn this technique from you?? SIMPLY SUPERB Smile

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looks like a mat

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Romba Azhaga irukku....Shows your experience and talent..