Free hand Design

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Dear friends...Here is a free hand design for your views. Smile

Rangoli: Free hand Design


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Wow...flawless beauty this is sowmi....awesome freehand ....that brown col looks so well on ur floor...but then which col doesn't suit pa...hmmmm J) :bigsmile:

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Rani, as u said all colors original, mixed or recycled, when get Sowmya's touch, glitter on this floor.(Idhukku per dhaan kairaasiyo?) this is a very cute free hand design,inner lotus design,netted petals and outer little flowers all are very tastefully drawn.The choclate color is very tasty. ROW(eek)?

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Room potta yosichalum yennaku indha maadiri beautiful kolam varadhu pa (even if I hire a room and think I wont get such a beautiful kolam) adhe maadiri room pota yosichalum sowmy oda yedhavadhu sumarana kolam irukanu yosichalum, (same way if i think is there a kolam done by sowmy that is not good) the answer is no there is none... all your kolams are masterpieces and this is one amongst them dear... superb kannukutti Smile

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wonderful execution with a single the border design soo much

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Awesome sowmi. very beautiful very neat. perfect kolam.

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Thank you Rani, Rajamma mam, Pushpa(even some of my kolams are not so good :~ ..pls check my gallery if you have doubt Blum 3 Wink )Anirudh and Chithra mam for your wonderful comments. Smile

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i can't even imagine such a delecate neat work dear indee sowmi hats off to you

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"ninna ee kandu rangavalli
huttisidhe prakasha namma jeevanadalli

taalidhe hondu bendoleya roopa
adaralli minugutidhe saviraru deepa

estondu chokka ee chitrakarike
shobe yechhusutidhe striya alnkarike

kandu edar banna
akrathi edara sanna

kaddallidhe noraru jarara mannassu
enthaha chitra bareyabekendu nanna hondu kannasu "

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Thank you Rekha mam for such a nice poem. Smile I could understand this to some extent. Smile

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What a beautiful rangoli somi.....YOur patience, neatness, design, colour selection finally your perfectness all are appreciable.. I am a fan to your rangoli somya... Smile

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haiyo sowmy what a neat and perfect print like kolampa, excellent esp. your lotus design fabulous.

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superb with brown kolapodi. supero super.......... Wink Wink Wink Wink :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Awesome design sowmy....beautiful...keep it up

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Wonderful. Excellent and perfect strokes. Looks very bright in maroon colour. Awesome.

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what a red beauty