Free Hand Design

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Hai to all....this free hand design kolam was done by me on a sunday...ur views pl...

Rangoli: Free Hand Design


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This kolam looks like it's painted or made with wet maavu. Very very palich kolam Rani maam. I'm copying in my notebook with ur permission.

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thank u all means..thats d reason why i am sharing my kolams with this wonderful site...

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I can see Vasanthiyin thaakam in Rani's kolam today. Rani you are beginning to fill your kolams with more details which is really nice. This one is really grand, only your kavi is missing..

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hai judy...nice to hear from u after a looooonnnngg

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dots and out side design is very beautiful. lovely one.

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Very lovely and pleasing and bright

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beautiful kolam rani i like the crispy strokes...outer design has come out very nice.

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thank u aruna, chandy and lakshmiiiii...

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Nice design Rani

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A Simple design turned out to a grand design with your lovely strokes.

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Hi rani, Simple made superb kolam is grand looking. I think the style of lakshmi's design have a great impact on all the free hand design, of all of us. What do you say.

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Beautiful kolam Rani maam.

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lovely kolam Rani.

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Rani maam what a beauty this is... on seeing thumbnail i felt it was lakshmi maam's kolam...

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Perfect symmetry and well done Rani.

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rANIjI, quite impressive! Looks like a circular lace cloth.

Regards! - mOhana

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thank u sumathy mam,vinci mam,padma mam,indu mam,subashini mam,pushpa,jayanthi mam and jkm sir....for ur lovely words...

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pushpa......this is too much...lakshmi enge naan enge ..u can't even think of comparing at all....anyways thanks for ur boosting words...

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Rani, comparing it with Lakshmi's is itself an appreciation . We all admire Lakshmi's kolam but dare not copy it often. But yours is such that it makes others to copy it in our book and try immediately.(like an easy chatput receipe. )
Your kolams are Pallich, bold and easy to copy.. Hai Naa?

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Lovely kolam with crispy strokes

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thank u rajamma...(u r absolutely right-that was what i wanted to say but couldn't bring it out in words thank u ) and nithya...

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very beautiful kolam.

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Beautiful, symmetric kolam, RAni. Actually after entering into ikolam i also learned and improved myself so much and I thank Lata for that and also our members:)

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thank u sreegiri and brinda....well said brinda...