free hand

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About free hand:

tisi is my friday kolam. simple n morning hurry burry kolam. hope u like this!

Rangoli: free hand


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Wow, looks beautiful. I like your color choices. Smile

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thanq lata for ur encouraging comment:)- suguna murugesan

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Suguna, beautiful rangoli design dear. Looks so pretty and colourful.


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thanq very much maha!-suguna murugesan

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eyecatching suguna, excellent col. combo.

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இதுவா அவசர கோலம்? என்ன ஒரு அழகு! கண்ணை பறிக்கிறது சுகுணா மேடம்!

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Soothing kolam with good colour choices

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Wow...col kolam as a hurry burry kolam aah suguna...awesome pa...nice cols and d centre slanting designed flower is so nice pa...

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brightful rangoli suguna mam

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Nice colorful H.B kolam

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Your Hurry burry kolam looks very very pretty with very good color combination Suguna.

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even though done in hurry burry the kolam looks excellent. the pleasant colours looks wonderful.

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very pretty suguna

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cool colour kolam!

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Oh Sugu, this is so cute. Hurry burrya??? this doesnt look one bit so. Looks very beautiful in beautiful pink and blue

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thanq bala, vasanthi, veena, rani juli, rajam mam, sowmi, uma nithya n pushpa!-suguna murugesan