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This Rangoli I have made on occassion of Diwali Competition in our company .
I have used basic colors, Flowers, small pot at the center and Glass decorative hangings which we generally use them for wall Hangings.


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wow!!grand kolam green

wow!!grand kolam green colour gives rich look to this,keep it up

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pretty rangolli with cute

pretty rangolli with cute Ganesha. As everyone said, the outer smaller circular design is really eye-catching.

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Thanks for all your support,

Thanks for all your support, this is teh first time I am submitting my Rangoli...I am new to this Ikolam site..sorry for late reply...
@Rajamma mam & @ Judelined mam - I didn't used any stencil for Outer rings... was directly drawn on floor...

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The outer circles are really

The outer circles are really pretty. Very well done.

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Outer design is very

Outer design is very attractive

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Vyjayathi maam, really a

Vyjayathi maam, really a feast for the eyes, amazing work, i really liked the designs on the outer circles.

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Mindblowing creation

Mindblowing creation Vyjayanthi - I am speechless at this colourful beauty. The design bordering the outside circle looks like stencil work (was it really a stencil or hand drawn??) - no words to express my mind Smile

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cant take the eyes off..

cant take the eyes off.. great work.. congrats!!

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pretty design with nice

pretty design with nice usage of door hangings

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Good job! External circles

Good job! External circles are pretty!

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Vyjayanthi maam... novel

Vyjayanthi maam... novel idea of using glass wall hanging for decorating the kolam... this has come out very beautiful... I liked the way the outer small circles are decorated...

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Looks very

Looks very attractive.Perfect round design. Have you used stencil for the outer cute small circle designs?I am sure this rangoli would have fetched u a prize.