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This is a frame made using paper to create flowers. The frame is kept ready and photo can be inserted. A perfect gift for shaadi.

Rangoli: Frame


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I think this is Decoupage work. Are the flower cutout layers sealed? I also like the beaded skirt and the top Smile

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This is not decoupage work. The flowers are made with paper. It gives a 3D effect. The frame is light box frame so that the flowers inside will not get crushed under the glass. This work is a combination of Quilling and Punch Craft.The roses and the sunflowers are made with hand.

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The quilling work done by you is very nice. I made necklace out of this quilling paper and got a creticisam from my grandson.

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What about the stand by the side? Is that bead work also yours?

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No, it is a bangle stand - not made, but got as a gift from London.