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About Fr:

This is a free hand kolam drawn in front of my house during navarathri days..ur views and suggestions pl...

Rangoli: Fr


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Awesome Lakshmi!!!! Very beautiful Rangoli. I luv your bold strokes....

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Beautiful kolam akka, the peacock face or duck face is so cute and as usual, extraordinary koalm

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Lakshmi, you always give your best for us. Awesome.. Each kolam of yours is unique in design and pattern. Excellent work..

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Beautiful square kolam with such intricate designs lakshmiii...its like a dazzling diamond....

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very very beautiful kolam with such minute designs....amazing work...

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looks like a mehendi design, very carefully done with an extraordinary outcome, i wonder hw r u able 2 concentrate equally in each minute part , amazing

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very nice

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Wow very nice.

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very neatly drawn kolam lakshmi.I like and love it very much.Thank you sharing.

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Excellent, Awesome and so neeeeeeeeeat presentation. Very perfect too.

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Lakshm mam, ur kolam is just amazing ,perfect symmetry,wonderful inner designs and bright borders,what not to say! its just an epitome of ur creation! do u have any " kola aachu" attached to ur hand ,the just lovvvveee ur symmetry!

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Great work Mam.

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hi firnds many many thanks for ur encouragement comments..deepa hehe nice comment...

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Hi laks, I am back. Loved this kolam. Such intricate designs and such a wonderful symmetry. You are so good at this pa.

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hi pushpa thank uuuu see rani's kolam give ur valuable comments..hehe,,yestwrdays vijimadam kolam also..see...

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Lovely and Lively lakshmi. [L]

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jayanthiji hehe thanks..oh u already reached " L"..hehe

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Perfect symmetrical kolam. eventhough u repeat the designs in your kolams, everytime they look different and new... !
what is the magic Lakshmi? rajamma

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hehe rajammaji thank magic, all our friends encouraging comments only

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Hey lakshmiiii...tell me now..tell me this very min ...why r u asking pushpa to see my kolam and viji mam's kolam....again u've started d narad muni's work todayva...grrrrr

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super lakshmi, very nice.

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You know Lakshmi, some days I start a kolam thinking that I should draw it like yours. I fail in the first round itself and end there!

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lakshmi ,what a perfection.amazing kolam.replicates warli art. wonderful attempt.

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Very great work Lakshmi mam.You are specially blessed by god.

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thank you frineds flor ur lovely comments.

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FANTABULOUS CREATION Lax - there are no more words for me to say what I feel.... I would have loved to have a closer look at the different parts of this kolam to see the detailing. Residents of your apartment are lucky to see live telecast everyday I am sure Biggrin

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