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Always like how red and white mix to give a fresh look to rangolis.

Rangoli: Four


Lata's picture

Beautiful rangoli in red and white Indu. Once again, many happy returns of the day! Smile

No footwear allowed inside Smile

Or was this included as a "dhristi" for your rangoli (to ward off the evil eye)? Wink

admin's picture

Does this mean we're going to have somebody giving a demo on Sanskar Bharati rangoli too? Smile

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Lata, Yes if indu wishes she can give a demo on sanskar bharathi. What special on ikolam is it toes week!!!!!!!!! this is the second kolam after ammuji's kolam anyways indu happy birthday and you kolam is very beautiful. thanks for sharing

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Wow beautiful colors and very well done.

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nice design.

ammuchandhini's picture

hai nice col combination red and white but not ready to fight na? with luv

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Very nice kolam look like a painting in a large disc

Vinci's picture

The centre looks like moon surrounded with dancing stars... Cute.. Have you used kola podi or rice flour as it looks too fine..

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Wish there was someone in Chennai to give demo on sanskar bharati rangoli - me very very sad Sad Sad

Though this is such a simple rangoli, it is such a beauty I just dont know what to say about it. Just two colours and yet it is so rich?? Happy Birthday Indu Smile

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kolam looking very pretty.Looks like its your birthday. My wishes too.Have a nice day.

lakshmiraghu's picture

excellent!!!looks neat and sweet keep it up

neeraja.naresh's picture

i am verry nice

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Only with two colours you made the kolam very beautiful with the sanskar barthi design. (I think , these designs give beauty to the kolams, it is called sanskar bharthi , because the sankar of any country is always beautiful) Wish you very Happy Birthday:)

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thank u everybody for ur birthday wishes.lata ur comment made me laugh.sure next time there will be no is my son(photographer)standing.i feel happy to see all ur comments&wishes and also my kolam published.

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beautiful and perfect!

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White vanilla icecream with a cherry on a red designed plate. Very creamy. Gud wishes for ur budday.

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This kolam looks so beautiful even though very simple designs are used... very pretty design

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Red and white ready to wish? Many many Happy returns of the the day Indu.The inner white circle resembles the full moon but for the red dot.

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cool...looks like a bengali bride Smile

rajamma_2's picture

So Anirudh enjoys admiring Bengali Brides!. mmmm...waiting for the Meet to explore more!

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And pat comes the reply! I knew that someone is going to get him for his comment.

Phas gayaa Bechaara (pity him) :0 Smile

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First of all, happy birthday and belated best wishes. Woke up in the middle of a bad dream and thought it best to view a few rangOlis instead of pondering over the nightmare! Very beautifully created and so deserves congratulations. To me this looks like a painted drum also, remember the drum theme oldies! One or two little suggestions. It would have been nicer if the number of 6s and the number of tears outside these are the same. Then the symmetry would be in sync. I also feel the white region looks like an open slate. Better fill it with some design. The little flower is too small to fill even though it is making a valiant attempt to do so.

Regards! - mOhana