Flowers rangoli (sharu)

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About Flowers rangoli (sharu) : PRINT

its a dotted kolam ...this was last year sankranti spl..

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Flowers rangoli (sharu)


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Beautifully drawn and colored too! Dot count please...

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wonderful colors

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Beautiful. Did your mud floor sang"rang dhe muje rang dhe"and you played holi with colors on that?

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Hehe Lata you are beginning to sound like someone asking for the dot count quite often these days?? hehe...

Sharu very pretty combination of colours and uploaded at the right time to celebrate holi Smile

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Nice colourful kolam. Many kolams are seen around. Why don't you upload them also?

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very nice design and colours...waiting to see all other kolams .....

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Sharu maam an awesome kolam ... I love to see so many colors used in this kolam ... I can see many more kolam apart from this ... do u have pictures of those as well

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charu, really a superb kolam with a unique flowers and also with pleasing colours. a perfect kolam for holi.

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Heyyyyy Lata, Are you so inspired about the question How many dots ??????????? I did not expect this question from you lata !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nothing wrong in asking something one doesn't know about, especially if it is relevant. And, I'm not a know it all Sudha. I'm just ordinary, unlike you. Smile

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very nice Kolam. Beautiful colour.How many dots Please tell me.