Flowers & leaves doily

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About Flowers & leaves doily:

This is a free hand rangoli drawn in front of my house during margazhi days ..your views and suggestions please...

Rangoli: Flowers & leaves doily


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Lakshmi maam this is so so so beautiful with minimal use of colors yet stands elegantly... I like the cake with candle pattern Smile on the borders.. you have such a vast imagination... very beautifully drawn maam.. I admire your work

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dear lakshmi....
nice kolam.kannu padapogudhu.

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haaaaai lakshmi mam its breathtaking yaar sooooooo lovely with regards

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Lakshmi, though small compared to the earlier ones, this is different and colorful.

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no words to describe this. u r a really gt8 in designs lakshmi mam

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The Legend is back.. Lakshmi chance eh illa.. Marvellous yaar.. Infact am becoming speechless as i get to see ur rangolis every time.. you are a perfectionist.. may it be symmetry or colouring.. or the design.. ur rangoli has got everything.. In this rangoli, that small partijatam petal really eye catching... green n kavi color combo is extremly b'ful..

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Aunty colour la kolam potadhu romba nalla iruku .design also very amazing aunty.

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Beautiful kantha work kolam Lakshmi. Each time you make a different attempt and making it more beautiful than the previous one. Hats off to your imagination.

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Different design and beautiful kolam.

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so lovely kolam lakshmi.very beautiful with colors and kavi.

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Nice tricolour! Beautifully, but patiently drawn. Symmetry is off at some places.

Regards! - mOhana

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REally very supppperb design. lovely imagination.

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lovely lakshmi ji. is it wet maavu?

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“In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire” - R.W. Emerson

Art is the expression of creativity or imagination. The word art comes from the Latin word ars, artis, which means "skill/craft/art; trick| wile; science| knowledge; method| way; character (pl.)." Art is commonly understood as the act of making works (or artworks) which use the human creative impulse and which have meaning beyond simple description. While art is often distinguished from crafts and recreational hobby activities, this boundary can at times be hard to define.

Source of information -

Now see what you have done to me Lax. Dont know what to comment so I am posting this information.

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hi friends many many thanks for ur lovely and encouragement comments....ndhu it is rangoli powder...

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solla varthai illai.appadieye achaditharpol irukku.azhaguku azhagu serkkiradu kavi.

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Lakshmi,very beautifully drawn ..vDifferent design

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Somehow I missed your kolam.. Superb.. Looks like drawn with paint, So bold and bright..
Suthi poduga, Kannu patuduchi..

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Indira how ru??seeing you after a long time...thanks for ur comments...Akila madam ru?? thank uuuuuuuuu,vinciji many many thanks.