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About Flowers:

Hi friends. I am very happy to inform you all that, my painting, colouring and knowledge of drawing using PC is improving day by day. This is because, whenever I get a new Rangoli either posted here or through my friends and family, I will try the same in PC. Thanks to ikolam for giving this opportunity.

This is my another trial rangoli. The dots for this is 15 - 15.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Flowers


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A dancing flower kolam...I could view the smoother curves which gives a good effect...

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hai...u r getting better and better with ur pc kolams ...thanks a lot for sharing...

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very nicely and neatly drawn on pc. keep sharing more of ur collections

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Good attempt.

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Keep doing and post here.

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nice PC kolam with so many waves.

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lovely attempt.keep up the good work.

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No doubt, this is competently drawn. One suggestion, indicate the dots with a standout colour so that the pattern could be easily reproduced by others. You may see some of latAjI's or jUDIjI's patterns for guidance.

Regards! - mOhana

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wow what an inspiration . great design

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lovely attempt.keep it up

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Good neat work

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congrats Srilakshmi. U have the motivation and we have the designs. ஒண்ணும் ஒண்ணும் ரெண்டு..

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Srilakshmi maam indeed u have mastered the art and it is your passion for the work which has made u what u r today.. congrats.

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very good attempt and neat design.

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Lovely baskets with easter eggs in them - looks so pretty and glad to see you thirsty to learn more - way to go girl. JKM I take your comment as a compliment and would like to say that I always like to try and see that the dots are visible because in my view - when I view any kolam I am a learner and I am always curious to know how many dots, how they are placed and how to connect them - likewise I feel that it is my duty to let others (even if they are experienced kolam makers) know how many dots etc etc. Sri, since you are just getting the hang of it now, like JKM suggested, try and make the dots more visible so everyone can learn how to draw your kolams by just seeing them (not breaking their heads - hehe, just joking) - I am sure you will take this in the lighter side Smile