Flower with six petals!

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About Flower with six petals!:

Normally flowers have only five petals. This has something to do with growth
and related to the hEmachandra-Fibonacci series I spoke about recently. But
thogh rare, there are a few six petalled flowers. One such flower is a sparkling
blue flower
. Two arrangements with it are shown. Find the difference between
the two, if possible. When we draw rangOlis with dots, the symmetry is perfect
if the dots are placed properly. But in nature, even if there is six-fold
symmetry it is only approximate and any arrangement with such a flower is also
approximate. That is why the contacts in these pictures are not perfect. The
search for perfection is always through symmetry. That is why the artists in
Islam used symmetric patterns in their mosques to search for the perfect.

Rangoli: Flower with six petals!


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Is Sparkling blue flower a common flower? Can this be found in normal climatic conditions, (by normal I meant neither extreme cold nor extreme hot climates)?. The one at the bottom is more symmetrical, I could see straight forward hexagons (maybe this was possible to achieve because of the extra space in between). The flowers are lined up in horizontal rows too, whereas this is not the case in the one which is located at the top (which is also closely packed).

More information about the Fibanacci series can be found at:

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It is a late spring, summer grass flower. Actually, these are not petals, but sepals or
modified leaves. The centre is yellow. It seems they grow in meadows and the prairies.

Regards! - mOhana

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sir,very beautiful arrangement of blue flowers.