flower rongoli

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Another Flower rangoli without dots. enjoy the rangoli.......:) . And give a comment too on my rangoli

Rangoli: flower rongoli


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Neatly drawn and the colour combination is very good.

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beautiful rangoli anita mam and ur freehand design is too good...

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Anita, I enjoyed your free hand rangoli and here is my comment' ' without dots this free hand symmetrical rangoli is well drawn and colored beautifully. The stylish leaves looking very proud". By the way can we also expect your comments on our kolams?

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Beautiful design. Love the pastel color scheme that you have used!

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Beautiful. Good colour combination and thick strokes. The leaves have come out very nice.

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wow!!looks like painting..very nice colour combination...

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Nice one, I like the design of your floor tiles too!

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Very nice and neatly drawn.

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Good symmetry and colours. The leaves stand out.

Regards! - mOhana

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Very beautiful! As someone who cannot draw a straight line even with a scale, I admire anything that is so symmetrical, but this is near perfect!

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The cool colours give the kolam a serene and pleasant touch!!!!
The symmetry amazing!!!!
Kudos to you!!!

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Nice rangoli mam, beautiful colour combination also. Good

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superb mam... especially i like the red flower and the leaves outside...

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Very pretty work Anita - neat and good symmetry Smile