flower rangoli

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I made this flower rangoli in 11 into 11 dots.But it is hard to me which one is better?could you help me?

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: flower rangoli


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No doubt the green and black is bright and eyecatching. So my vote is for green.

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My vote for lavender, the second one.. What Subhashini Madam every time you come up with a theme, this time with Polling ....

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superb............... but yes even i do support vijji ji....... the green one looks better.

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I think I need to compaign for my lavender.. Please vote for Lavender.. Lol

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i like palch green errr i also like d soft lavender also...what to do suba....my vote is for both of urs....kanakkula serkaadeenga....

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Very nice,I like green..

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My vote is for green

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green looks bold and lavender looks soft,, let me select the soft one

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thank you viji.I agree with you.

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Thank you, vinci, doctor{?}Rani, veni,chandy and nithya.

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both are very nice.

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In which software you developed this?

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Thank you padma.I always use photoshop.

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looks differet!!!keep it up

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Looks like night and day to me - how to choose between two beautiful damsels?? I love both Smile

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Thank you lakshmi and jude.day and night? your comments are also different and lovely jude.