Flower rangoli

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this is a floral arrangement..for our tech fest aarohan..with a welcome note in it..

Rangoli: Flower rangoli


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Nice pookalam.Very beautiful.

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Nice namaskar pose within the center design, and good looking paisleys within the outer circle.

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nice pookolam with the lady's folding hands welcoming..AAA rohan.

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Nice flower arrangement. Aarohan is a good name for a techfest!

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very neat and nice flower arrangement!! keep it up

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Very pretty combination of colours - the mauve flowers are so soothing. What are those green spikey circular things on the borders (looks like pavakkai to me)

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A warm welcome to the fest. The violet color flower and the circular green does the magic. Does the picture looks blur only to me?

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Rama maam a very nice pookolam

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Dual mango poo kolam is nice

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this is the real red carpet wlcm,grt wk rama mam