Flower kolam

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actually this is one of my neighbour's kolam. since it was really cute i took a photograph.. can anyone help me in finding the dot count?

Rangoli: Flower kolam


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hai yamuna beautiful design and col combination i think it is 9-5 cross dots will confirm u after i try this on paper with regards

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simple&beautiful yamuna!

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Indhu :very cute kolam.

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very beautiful yamuna

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Beautiful kolam and good colouring, Yamuna. I also think this is 9 to 5 interlaced.
BTW, Lata you are giving pretty designs with your comments.

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Wnderful coloring, Brindha , she has ur style in drawing and coloring. Dot count 9-5?

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Well executed kolam with wonderful coloring

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beautiful !!!nice colour match..yes rajammaji...

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nice kolam.

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nice colouring, beautiful kolam

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Very beautiful and bright colouring

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flowers with pollens looks really fantastic. bright colours adds beauty to the kolam

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Very beautiful kolam and colouring.

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Very colourful and neat kolam - Yamuna thoughtful of you to upload your neighbour's kolam for us to enjoy Smile